Green Environment and Protect Global for Next Generation.

RiCH-y® is GrandeTex new innovation in synthetic yarn. The self-benefits of this yarn are durable anti-bacteria, anti-odor, UV protection and wicking function.  Aiming at “REACH” standard is GrandeTex principle always.

Long lasting effect without any extra chemical adding, safe & green process in dyeing and No water pollution.


| Anti-UV |

| Anti-odor |

| Anti-bacterial |

| Wicking |

RiCH-y® innovate in synthetic yarn of RiCH Nylon, Rich Polyester and ECO RiCH-y® by using recycle PET material.

In 2020, GrandeTex innovated RiCH-y® + Solution Dyed with more environmentally friendly and anti-bacterial and gives better color fastness. Maximize the effect of the RiCH-y®, create product differentiation. For winter collection, we change cooling element to thermal elements to give variety selection for customer.