In a rigorous attitude, to be the acme of perfection.

Our production is all through done by BLUESIGN and OEKO-TEX certified facilities to ensure quality and efficiency in production as well as to guarantee our commitment to help protect our environment. 

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances.

 The production from the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing process are harmless to the environment.

 Without any harmful substances and heavy metals.

Perform appx. 12 different fabric testing
 We have light box and data color- spectrophotometer to ensure the fabric color could meet with customer standard

We built up very good reputation in delivering high quality fabric. Each fabric lot has passed our Internal laboratory test before shipment

Test Method Test Protocol
房型Color Fastness to Water 平日價ISO 105 C06 A2S 
房型Colour Fastness to Wash 平日價ISO 105 E01 
房型Colour Fastness to Rubbing 平日價AATCC 8 / ISO 105-X12 
房型Colour Fastness to perspiration 平日價AATCC 15 
房型Shrinkage after wash 平日價AATCC 135 / ISO 6330 
房型Water Repellency: Spray test 平日價AATCC 22 / ISO 4920 
PH Value AATCC 81 
Pilling Resistance  ASTM D3512 
Water Resistance  JIS L1092B / AATCC 127 / ISO 0811 
Tearing Strength  JIS P8116 
Abrasion Resistance (MARTINDALE) ASTM4966 / ISO12947
Pilling Resistance (MARTINDALE) ASTM4970 / ISO12945-2